Angel Devil Acrylic Keychain

Angel Devil Acrylic Keychain

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Hello, thank you for being here! <3


Keychain of Angel Devil from CSM!
My favourite character ;-;


Size of the keychain: 10 x 5 [cm]
Full lengh: 15 [cm]

Water resistant.

Keychain comes packed in its original packaging, bubblewrap and cardboard for it not to crash in the traffic.

Instagram @mangomilkstudio
Sketchbook insta @smollmangomilk
YouTube: mangomilk
Etsy: mangomilkstudio

DISCLAIMER: Each piece we make is a handmade fan inspired creation. Every product falls under artistic licences and is not directly affiliated with the company that owns the original work. Each piece is inspired by the work of the company that owns the IP and I have no ownership of anything but my artistic creations.

Angel Devil Acrylic Keychain Image 2 Angel Devil Acrylic Keychain Image 3
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